I Got Some New Toys

I went to the store and got myself a few things to make life easier, and a few that I suspect will make life harder. On the easier side I bought a roller, to get thicker more even coverage of the ink on the plate, and so far I am pleased with the results. It’s not so heavy that I lose some of the subtleties but it’s more even and less streaky than what I get with a brush. I also bought a rotary cutter, despite having advised JD to get one 3 years ago, I never had need for one until now. Cutting the fabric takes forever, and my beloved scissors are less predictable with it than with paper. Now it’s all zip, zip, zip, and I have tons of panels. I also bought a bunch of colored paint, which I imagine will keep me sufficiently tormented for awhile.

In this one I used my new roller, and some stiff dried grass I had cut up and used in a previous plate. The previous usage got them covered with a bit of ink, and so when reused it gave a bit of a ghost in the center of the stalks which softened some of the lines, which had been appearing to harshly in previous experiments. I also originally had this tuned to form a wave shape but then reconsidered, and flipped it this way, I’m not sure why, it just felt better that way.


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