WordPress Is Being Moody

I tried posting this like five times last night, and it kept eating the post. So right here, I want you to insert with your imagination a whole bunch of really good writing, the kind that is thorough, articulate, highly entertaining, and completely enlightening.

It’s true, that is exactly what was here I swear.


5 Responses to “WordPress Is Being Moody”

  1. Some of your best design yet. You’ve also managed to manufacture a space and atmosphere with the most limited, simple, flat forms.

  2. Your original post was published, BTW.

  3. I agree with Tom, it is the best design yet. This one follows in the same direction of your grass one. Love this.

  4. Toni Tiller Says:

    well damn, now i need to either delete something or modify.

    and thank you both! i am going to keep pushing in this direction.

  5. YOU’RE moody! oh no wait. that’s me.
    this i like so much! even more in person.

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