KPAO! Art Party in the Park

was a bit fat hit! Even the Holyoke Canal Creature came out for the day!

Remember I told you about how I was organizing an arts festival in our local park?  Well, I did.  And it happened. You may have noticed my unexplained absence last weekend.  Aheh, sorry.  Saturday I was busy hauling tents and tables and chairs and art supplies and answering questions and directing wonderful volunteers and happy kids.  And Sunday I was busy returning tables and chairs and tents and various things and stuff.  And the previous week was spent frantically doing all manner of last minute organizing and procuring and whatnot.   And it was all worth it!  The party was tons of fun and loads of people came and made arts and crafts and listened to music and ate hotdogs and complimented us on the fabulous event and suggested we do something similar every couple of months.  Handmade buttons and origami and BEARDS and painted faces as far as the eye could see!  HATCHAH!  D’Arte Board’s own Toni Tiller  even made a very much appreciated appearance!  Thanks, Toni you sweet little lady!  It was great to see you!  The photo below is of the handful of us leftover after the fete and before the cleanup.  Follow the jump to see more photos from the day!

So what next?  Now that the festival is over, what will become of Kennedy Park Arts Outreach?  Well, we’re going to continue meeting up and being creative, of course!  We have tons of projects we haven’t even begun yet!  We still have dragons and pinatas and juggling sticks to make!  We have more Haiku to write and more parties to plan!  To find out what we’re up to or to get involved, email  You can also find us online at the following URLs:
You can “Like” KPAO! on Facebook!

More pics after the jump!
To check out the whole album on Facebook, follow this linklinklink.

Here’s a look at the fabulous mural made by KPAO! teens. We took a “Lord of the Flies” approach, just gave them a four by eight foot panel and said, “Do whatever you want!” And here’s what they did.
There’s still a bit of work to be done on it–a touch-up or two and it needs to be polyurethaned, but wow! They did such a great job! I’m extra proud of the kids. I think it’s beautiful! You aren’t really able to see much detail in this photo. The mural is filled with sayings like, “increase the peace”, “hugs not drugs”, “make love not war” and “peace is a light in my eye”. Unexpectedly sweet, huh?

Here’s David, volunteer extraordinaire, sporting a set of exquisite accessories he fashioned himself at the festival. What a fabulous beard!KPAO 022

And speaking of beards, here’s lovely Myra (in blue) setting up the beard table which she staffed ALL DAY with mucho enthusiasm! Myra, you kick some serious buttage!

Serrible B as kawaii neko! These chalkboard character boards were loads of fun!
KPAO 011


The Dancing Dog Cafe (Holyoke’s newest fixture on High Street) provided the ravenous crowd with hotdogs, coffee and other refreshing refreshments. Thank you, Octavia!!!

Alrighty, I could keep adding photos and rambling on about it all but I’m kinda tired so I’ll stop now. Suffice it to say, we were so pleased with the way everything turned out that we’re planning another festival next summer and probably a few smaller park events throughout the year! Yay! And again, you can look through the rest of our Facebook album here.



2 Responses to “KPAO! Art Party in the Park”

  1. I’m happy for you guys and everyone looks like they’re having a blast. I have to make it to your next fete!

    • thanky, TomB! next summer’s will be an even fatter fete. also, there is talk of a KPAO! concert series. there is talk of a KPAO! Xmas tree lighting in the park. there is alotta talk. now i will shut up.

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