No Art, A Dog, And Advice Needed

Whenever I talk about this blog to people I always describe it as mostly a process based blog, where we all spend time talking about how and why we do things, as well as posting the end results, for better or worse. Once in awhile part of the process seems to be producing, well, nothing.

I could have gone into the archives for something to post, but instead I’m just going to be honest and say I just didn’t have time this week. There have been summer flu’s to indulge, guests to entertain, and in the biggest news of my week, a new member to the family. Everyone, meet LaLa, my new French Bulldog.

She’s been pretty much dominating my week with getting adjusted and doing that house training stuff (very important business). Don’t worry, I’m not going to lose my mind and start posting a thousand pictures of my dog in lieu of art, just this one, to introduce her and say hello.

Moving on, I have a small quandary. I got into an art swap situation with a twitter friend where we challenged each other to use certain materials. In this case he ended up with glitter and I took macaroni, which at first I thought I would do something sculptural with, but now I am not so sure. I started wondering if it would be possible to cook the pasta, pulp it down in the food processor, and roll it out into sheets that I could then dehydrate in the oven and either print or paint on. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do I need to add some sort of other binder? Should I just think of something else? Feel free to throw out ideas because I am a little stumped.

Naturally, in keeping with our process based theme, whatever I decide to go forward with I will document and show the results of.


8 Responses to “No Art, A Dog, And Advice Needed”

  1. I don’t know about the process you have in mind, but I do have a possible suggestion. Maybe you could use different verities of pasta for texture or crush the dried macaroni, then dye it will food coloring for use for mosaic. Just throwing ideas at you. I would like to see if after it’s done. BTW that dog is too damn cute!

  2. ooohwheee! macaroni!

    hrmn, i guess one issue you’d come up against would be the sheets when dehydrated would become brittle and it would be difficult to print or paint on them without causing cracks or breaks.

    maybe throwing in something with long, strong fibers would add strength to the sheets. i dunno.

    or maybe you could mount the sheets onto a rigid support before working on them. maybe mount them while they’re wet and allow them to dry to the shape of whatever support you choose. but then, they may shrink and crack in the process. tho you might be able to incorporate the cracks and use them to your advantage.

    you could also think about embossing the sheets while wet and then using them as a sort of plate to very carefully roll ink onto and then hand print onto fabric or rice paper or another very flexible material.

    or maybe you could embed stuff into the sheets before they dry.

    so many possibilities! this sounds like a fun challenge. i’m excited to see how you resolve it!

  3. and once again, she’s SO CUTE!!! ❤

  4. Cool dog 🙂 And did you teach it some tricks?

  5. Agreed, about the brittleness of the sheets. :-/ Hmm. I do know that the starch in the macaroni is what binds it together, so if you did cook then blend, I’d use little water probably, and not stir a lot since the starch comes out in the water and gets dispersed. Definitely not rinsed. Michie’s idea intrigued me. Also the idea of possibly grinding up the dried macaroni and making a papier mache somethingorother, maybe a vase, with something to use as a base. Then you could paint on it. 🙂

  6. I might try to mash the cooked pasta into a pulp and add a type of glue mixture to it, to add more binder, before laying it out on a rigid or paper support. Maybe even something as simple as elmer’s glue slightly watered down.

  7. Toni Tiller Says:

    you guys are the best, i knew i could count on you!

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