Tottenham Underground Stairway

Crap, it’s Tuesday, huh? I’ve been so busy at work it didn’t occur to me to post today.

Here is another drawing I made after my 2003 visit to london. In this case, its based on a photo I took of a small, spiral staricase off to the side of the Underground station in Tottenham square. There was a large main staircase, then this tiny one that plunged several stories to the platform level. I loved it. The girl claustrophobic girl I was with didn’t so much. Anyways:


8.5 x 11″ graphite, ink and gesso on bristol. 2003.

I don’t draw like this much anymore because unless I feel particularluy compelled to draw something for its own sake, or don’t know how its going to turn out, I have other things I can work on. I am considering it, though, mainly because I think representation would clarify some of the ideas I work with in other styles.

I’ll post some progress shots and a Curtis Mayfield song after the jump:







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