Holeywow! Art Is Fun. Get Some.

Really. Get some of MY art, if you please. Or just come see it. Either way…

stephg's art show flier

click to go to the gallery website

My show at the Northampton Center for the Arts opens this week! The work goes up tomorrow and will be up til the end of the month. Gallery reception is friday the 8th from 5 to 7pm. I’ll try to post photos next weekend. If you follow darteboard with any regularity, you’ve seen some of the work posted here. But of course, it’s always different seeing it in person. To give you an idea of the stuff I’m including in the show:

Holes, circles and tactile surfaces form a trinity of interest in these sculptural paintings. Cut, drawn and painted circles repeat and overlap to form playfully oscillating or quietly still compositions. Holes cut through textural paintings reveal soft velvet beneath. Fuzzy, neon-colored flocking fiber defines shapes on, in or beneath the surface.

Also, I know how dorky a title “holeywow!” is. Do you have any idea how dorky I am? No?! Well then, read the blog more often to find out. Seriously though, alot of the work I’m showing has a lighter side to it. I’ve been injecting bits of humor and lightness into my art because everything can’t always be all angst all the time–even for the tortured artist. I figured the title might as well reflect that. Maybe I’ll wear a black beret to the opening to balance things out… a black beret and a red sparkly tutu! Maybe I will. You’ll just have to come to find out.



4 Responses to “Holeywow! Art Is Fun. Get Some.”

  1. hanging this tomorrow, people! wish us luck and COME TO THE OPENING!!!

  2. Congrats on your showing! What sort of munchables will be at the reception? I’m awful partial to Redwood Creek’s Pinot Noir.

    • the free kind!

      homemade cookies and milk. and other stuff, too. yes wine. there’ll be free wine. i dunno what kind… the kind you don’t have to pay for. i’ll be sure to post a review of the food table! 😉

  3. Lately we’ve been getting spoiled at the Fifth Street Gallery by the Espresso Bar being right next to it. The couple running it serve all sorts of veggies, grapes, strawberries, crackers, cheeses, pate’, and even meatballs heated up in a silver chafing dish. A wine guy serves samples to generate business that he has a block away. Lately, I live for little get-togethers like this.

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