Please Pardon The Presentation

I still don’t have my regular computer back, which means no Photoshop. and thankfully JD kindly pointed me in the direction of an online photo editor, but the tools are limited. I don’t usually use a ton of shopping anyway, but certain tools I have found I do rely on, mostly the arbitrary rotation, so I can nudge a piece until it is level. No such luck in this case…oh well. We’ll all get over it.

My other concern was that this one was so dark that all of the subtle details that exist in real life wouldn’t show up. It isn’t ideal here, but it isn’t nearly as lost as I thought it might be. This one is much darker than i would usually go, but again, these have become a reflection of mood and emotion, and I liked the end result. It’s a good thing too because the one I did after this one was such a mess it halted production (ink EVERYWHERE), and as usual comments and crits are welcome.


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