Our Father Who Art in Towson

As I had mentioned last week, I hung out with my parents these past 10 days in Maryland. I brought down a paint box and small easel, brushes, prepared boards, etc and my dad, Harry Bennett Sr., went to work. We painted for 3 days out side, and then it turned cold and wet. But in those 3 days he did some great stuff. He is the master. Watch the videos that illustrate his quiet confident command and focus.
We painted each other simultaneously, and the next day he did a lovely expressionist landscape from life.

Here are some images and videos.

Painting of Tom Bennett by Harry Bennett 10-02-10
Harry Bennett, Painting of Tom, oil on board, 14 x 23

Portrait of Harry, 10/02/10
Tom Bennett, Painting of Harry, oil on board, 23 x 14

Painting by Harry Bennett 10/03/10
Harry Bennett, Untitled, oil on board, 20 x 16

Harry painting me:

Harry starting a painting:


4 Responses to “Our Father Who Art in Towson”

  1. Beautiful works and beautiful action. 🙂

  2. Sally Roth McConkey Says:

    Wow how great to see Uncle Harry painting again! What an amazing man with an amazing career! He was my biggest supporter when I was a teenager and starting to paint. What an inspiration. I have put the brush down for the last couple of years due to working, but have recently started painting again. Watching him just makes me want to paint all the more. Give him my love and tell him to keep on painting! Such wonderful therapy!!!!

  3. […] is as good now as he ever was. His son, Tom, is also an accomplished artist, and often posts updates about Harry on his shared blog. And as these wonderful drawings show, Bennett’s art is still sharp and […]

  4. I was moved by your love for your parents, and the extraordinary talent your family has. I lost my father in 2010, and spent as much time I could with him; thinking, growing. This reminded me of him. Thank you.

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