Sunday Sidewalk Doodles: Eyeballing the Bargain Bins

by Steph


This week, WABU and I tried out these new (to us) Crayola Sidewalk Crayons. I’ve seen them around for a while and wanted to give ’em a try because the colors looked so much more intense than the regular sidewalk chalk, but I’ve held off til now because the price for the amount you get seemed steep. They retail at more than three times the cost of the same brand of chalk. So when I found them marked waythehelldown on superendoftheseason sale, I of course, snagged a box to test them out.

Verdict: I’m glad I didn’t pay full price.
Compared to the chalk, the crayons are harder and feel almost a little waxy. That’s not a bad thing. It’s kinda cool actually. The disappointment was that the color saturation wasn’t quite as intense as I’d expected. Most of the crayon colors are more pigmented than their chalk counterparts. The acid green in particular is very nice. But some of the colors didn’t seem that much, if at all, brighter than the chalk. The medium blue, dark blue and medium pinkish purple colors are nearly the same in either crayon or chalk form. Meh. Oh well. I may still pick up a few more packages from the bargain bin. A buck twenty-five seems fair.

Over and out,


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