Destroyed Paintings

Lately I’ve fallen off here, and I apologize for that. I’m rethinking some aspects of my process and now I’ve lent my camera away for the next couple weeks, so I’ll be stuck with archived work, or things I can document via scanner. I’m also trying to write more, but am having trouble meeting self-imposed deadlines for posting here. I’ll get better.

These are some pieces I’ve destroyed to make scraps to make new paintings with over the years. They aren’t the best pieces I’ve ever made, they are just what I had preloaded into flickr from a long time ago. That may be more representative of typical pieces in a color set (which can be 15-40 canvases deep) than if I did present a best of :


Few of these actually stand up on their own as cohesive pieces because they were made with the knowledge that they’d be cut up, so my interest is on ensuring they are interesting on the scale they’ll be viewed on.


The other concern is the amount of variety of both 2d and 3d textures and patterns that will be represented in the final set of colors.


Part of me has always worried that prepping them in this way diminishes the original “Destruction of Final Art to new art” concept. I haven’t really resolved that.





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