On Space, Time and The Myth of Making Art Unencumbered

First, let’s play a quick round of “Find The Feline”. Can you spot Sparky in the photo below? Hint: he’s a light orange tabby with long fur and a sunny disposition.

This photo represents the current state of things. See, my studio still hasn’t recovered after the final push to finish work for my show which is still on view for another week at The Northampton Center for the Arts in Western Mass (plug, plug). I just haven’t had the wherewithal to jump in and reorganize this mess. That’s not to say that I’m not thoroughly psyched to dive right back into making art. I actually am. I even have a plan, have had a plan since before I wrapped up the last few WIPs for the show.

I know exactly what I want to focus on next. I’ve literally been dreaming about the art I want to make. In fact, I’m so frickin excited about what’s on deck that I’ve decided to set some rules, draw some lines, lay down some LAWUZzz! Once I start work on this next series, I’m going to see it through from start to finish with no distractions. No more working on six different series at once regardless of how related the concepts are in my head, no more grant applications, exhibit submissions, art festival plans, etc. No worries about practical matters like ‘who the hell has space for a multi-piece amorphous ceiling-suspended sculpture that spans twenty-three feet?’ or where will I store this shit when it doesn’t sell? I’m tired, and I just want to make art that leaves me feeling full and satisfied like a good meal.

So how am I going to manage to do this? Oh you know, I’ll let you know after it happens. Til then, enjoy this beautiful Autumn. Here. I scanned this lovely leaf for you.



6 Responses to “On Space, Time and The Myth of Making Art Unencumbered”

  1. Oh Steph, I loved this entry! My studio is messy right now because I’m in the push to get stuff done for a market I’ve been asked to participate in, with my sewn stuff, which is nice because not everyone gets asked. So I’m thrilled but everything is everywhere in my tiny studio! And I tell myself all the time to stay focused and not get distracted but oh there are Mail Art shows that I want to participate in, and socializing with friends, and baking, and reading etc etc and then I think oh lucky me, I get to do all of this. But I so appreciate what you’re saying. Thanks for the leaf. And I’ve been to Northampton MA to the MOCA, when visiting friends in So. Egremont one time. Congrats on that show at the show at the center. I’ll mention it to my friends in case they’re in the area this coming week. Happy autumn from down south where the leaves are just beginning to change.

    • thanks, mim, and congrats to you, too! here’s hoping you finish everything in time for the market!

      funny story: we’re about an hour’s drive away from Mass MoCA. we hadn’t been there in a while, so we headed out to see the Orly Genger show the other day. Mass MoCA which is open every day last i checked–even Christmas. so we get there, walk past an unguarded, half-assembled sculpture in the courtyard–odd. get to the door and it’s locked! there’s a sign saying they’re closed on tuesday. new winter hours. most of the galleries in town were closed, too. ah well. we found a nice cafe and it was a nice drive anyway.

  2. Good luck with your fresh start. I know you’ll have fun, and I agree with giving practical matters the finger.

    Congrats on your show. Little too far for me to check out. Even if your paintings are sometimes a spooky blood red with knife marks, I’d like to see it, simply because you are an awesome person.

  3. I even see a radiator! I enjoy following your further adventures.

    Last week here was the great, calm, lingering of the “yellowness”. I almost took pictures, but I thought it would be futile in most cases. One strong wind it’s all gone and russet. Now we’re just waiting for our first coating of Titanium…uh…er…snow.

    • yeah, the radiator stays off for practical/financial reasons. 😦 i use electric space heaters, wear more clothes and work more with encaustic indervintah aka titanium season. 😐 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *cries* please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon. please let winter be over soon.

      Ahem. I’m sure the next six months will just fly by.

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