I made these a few years ago to see if I could do portraiture. The initial project ultimately took on a life of its own, and I ended up making 8-12 portraits (based on an original) that I then collaged together. 4 of those became a single piece:

“Cassandras” 8″ x 12″ each, Mixed Media on Paper

In hindsight it kind of looks like some glamor tinged 80s thing, which really wasn’t the point. The point is more about how all the different representations of the same thing may come together to appear cohesive, yet each collaged piece looks like a different girl, so adding extra information has decreased its function.

In the future, I need to do a piece like this where the various part are kept chaotic and don’t come around to resolving into an image.

Below are the 4 pieces in the group photo.

Cassandra 1

Cassandra 8

cassandra 6

Cassandra 7

After the jump are the other 4 collages and the source drawings for them.

Cassandra 4

Cassandra 2

Cassandra 3

Cassandra 5

Here are the component drawings that went into the these 8 pieces:









The original sketch:


And the final version of the source drawing:

State 6



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