Another Not-So-Great Photo

It’s OK to admit that right?

I have no idea what is going on but every time I try to photograph these things something goes wrong. I can correct some of it in photoshop of course, but it never quite gets there, you know? It’s easier when I do pieces that are really bold and graphic, but as soon as I start making things that are softer, or more subtle a lot seems to get lost in translation. I’m still going to make things like that, but I guess I am just going to have to accept that they might not ever look that great on the internet. Maybe I should try something different like scanning them? If anyone has any advice on this please feel free to share it.


4 Responses to “Another Not-So-Great Photo”

  1. I think these are small enough to be scanned on a standard machine. I still like it.

  2. Scanning can be good if you have a nice scanner. Otherwise you might check what your camera is doing to the image. If it is a dslr you should be able to find settings to make it stop sharpening, saturating, etc. that may be occurring without you knowing it. Can result in truly ghastly photos, I have found…

  3. jasongrayfineartist Says:

    Hi, Toni. Can you send me the file before you edited it? By comparing that one with the result, I think that I can figure out what you are after and assist.

  4. looks like there’s some lovely textures in this.

    maybe scanning would work well, but i never have luck with scanning art. it always ends up looking gritty or something. the best pics i’ve gotten of smaller pieces i took by setting up the tripod in a bright room on a sunny day and aiming it at a neutral piece of matboard for a background. then i set the aperature to F8 or F7.1 and the shutter speed to a long enough exposure to let in enough light for a decently exposed pic. i set the timer so the tripod has time to stop shaking before it clicks. there’s usually minimal correcting to do in photoshop. but i’m a crappy photographer so there’s prolly some other, much easier way that i have no idea about. i bet Terry Border could offer a great solution.

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