Someone recently suggested these were disturbing in a Tracey Emin kind of a way. Peculiar. That is scary. I don’t know.
These may have some autobiographical connections. The first is loosely based on a Van Dyke.

Mixed media: india ink, letraset ink, graphite

drunken silenus 1
Drunken Silenus 1

drunken silenus 2
Drunken Silenus 2


One Response to “Disturbing”

  1. Not so disturbing if you read the story of Silenus, the subject here. A much loved and often comical character, he was a fat old drunk and tutor of Dionysus, Greek god of Wine. Painters and sculptors, including Greeks, Romans, Rubens, Van Dyck, Daumier, Ribera, and others, have all loved depicting him. So you are following a long artistic tradition here.

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