But Is It Art: Diggin for Fire

That’s what I’ve been doing. I’m making a fire pit! I spent the week digging the hole and removing the sod. Today, we laid out the landscaping fabric and started laying stones on the patio. Here’s what it looked like this morning.

and a proper soundtrack…

Love & Flames,
-Steph the all-time fire starter cuz i called it first!


5 Responses to “But Is It Art: Diggin for Fire”

  1. I’m not understanding. Are you firing pottery?
    I doubt you still have them back east, but out here some still have “ash pits” where refuse used to be burned instead of hauled to a landfill. It was one of the first places a creative kid looks into for a hiding place in playing hide and seek until mom boxes your ears for coming home looking like Oliver Twist.

  2. nope. no pottery. it’s just a fire pit. i’m making a fire pit where i can have fires. fires for s’mores and warmth and FIREFIREFIRE!!! the stones we’re laying around it will be a patio where we can stand or sit and warm ourselves or just admire the flickering flames of the FIYARE!!!

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