Straight Sketchbook, Homie

I’ll probably be at work 11-12 hours today so the time I’m spending on this will just keep me here longer. I may be plumbing the random depths of my Flickr feed for stuff to post the next few weeks. But that’s why I don’t delete the random crap in my twitter feed.


This is an underground room full of brains in tanks. They control robots outside to prevent bodily risk. I drew this years before Surrogates sucked the life out of the idea, thanks.

5_06_Lava Flow

The initial sketches for pieces I’ve posted on here before. Could I find and link to that piece? Yes. But I won’t.

6_2006Our Relationship

This is the sketch for a piece I’ve been working on for 3 years and will probably never finish.

More below.


More sketches for pieces I’ve shown on here but can’t be bothered to link to.

2005 Crosshatch and Railing

On the right I started drawing the view from one of the buildings on the Berkeley Campus. It got windy and cold, so I finished the railing and left.

7_28_06 Squid v. Seamonster




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