Saturday Morning Cartoons: Hope For The Human Race

Well, there you go!


4 Responses to “Saturday Morning Cartoons: Hope For The Human Race”

  1. Entertainingly informative and thought provoking on many levels.

    • it cheers me up a little every time i watch it. on a slightly cynical note, i keep wondering when they’ll classify politicians as a sub-species for study purposes. but still, very hopeful news!

  2. The bible got something right? That’s kinda scary, but I like the genetics database line.

    • weird, huh? scary = people’s shitty rationalized interpretation of ye olde text. confession: i think there are lots of truths in the bible. not the what happened stuff, but the how to be. be nice is pretty tops in mah book. you know, i was startled to learn that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe gayness is A-OK. my friend Irene who brings me The Watchtower dropped off a copy the other day that talked about that. nifty. good stuff.

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