Not Quite Art, But Maybe An Artful Solution?

I’m kind of a Scrooge, I admit it, for whatever reason Christmas just inspires and odd mix of melancholy and rebelliousness for me. Every year I swear up and down that I am going to boycott the whole thing, stay home, and watch movies but the inevitable resignation to polite expectation always wins. This year it won in the form of baked goods.

Of course it wasn’t enough to do a bunch of cookies, that would just be way too easy right? Much better to go on the internet and cobble together a bunch of recipes to form a super elaborate layered brownie. Super brownies! I was feeling more festive already, almost cheerful even. Played a little music, danced around the kitchen, added all my layers, and was about to pop it in the fridge to firm up when the whole thing slid out of my hands…it reminded me a lot of this – skip to 2:08.

There I am, lying on the floor, clutching a mostly empty pan, with a chocolate peanut pile that briefly inspired the charming mental image of an elephant taking a dump in my kitchen. The saving grace was about half was still in the pan, though all of my carefully plotted layers were destroyed. It seemed a shame to waste all that beautiful Girhadelli chocolate so I hit the pantry, found a bag of chocolate chips, melted them down, threw in some crispy cereal as a binder, mixed it all up and formed little balls.

I was all super excited. I invented a new dessert! Tiny parades and confetti streamers passed though my head as I bragged about my culinary resourcefulness, only to be met with a wordless link Tweeted from our own JD Hastings.



One Response to “Not Quite Art, But Maybe An Artful Solution?”

  1. J.D. Hastings Says:

    Well to be fair, your chocolate balls were crunchy instead of salty, so its really not the same thing at all. You just need a catchy song to go with it.

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