Baby Boomer Remorse

I know that posting unfinished works might be seen as a tad unprofessional, a bit unheroic or at the very least a teensy weensy questionable for any number of reasons. But I don’t give a rat’s ass. I have no new finished work this week and rather than posting old stuff I’ll do the clumsy yet fun and exciting thing and put up an example of an unresolved question mark in the form of oil on board.
I apologize for the mediocre photo, but then again it is a W.I.P.
The image is informed by a Caravaggio.

At this stage the form is too narrative. I think broader abstraction will be brought in.

As a representative of the tail-ass-end of the post war natal boom cycle, I have a touch of guilt about the fact that the “me” generation sort of selfishly consumed its way toward the recent economic downturn. This painting may be about that shame. Or at the very least, the fear of not being able to consume more stuff because you’re about to get nailed to a cross.

Unfinished WIP: baby boomer remorse

oil on enameled board with oil stick and graphite, 30″ x 40″

Unfinished WIP: baby boomer remorse


3 Responses to “Baby Boomer Remorse”

  1. I love the vivid and exciting application of color in your WIP. (But don´t crucify youself over the ecnomic bust. Much of the blame goes to pre-boomer Alan Greenspan, under whose watch from ‘87 to ‘06 the housing market and economy collapsed.)

  2. Thanks, Deb. And I’m not really feeling guilty, since I don’t believe in personal debt. Happy New Year, by the way!

    • Ha ha, Happy New Year to you too! (you just gave me an idea for my New Year’s resoltuion – throw out the credit cards and get rid of my personal debt)

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