Ding Dong, It’s A Christmas Song!

Because you can never have enough cheese in your diet, right? Well maybe that’s because YOU’RE ADDICTED TO IT!!! Yes friends, addicted. For real. Because you see, cheese contains morphine! So this goes out to all you cheese-sucking mullet lovers. Happy Christmas and enjoy the brie!

warm hugs,


2 Responses to “Ding Dong, It’s A Christmas Song!”

  1. I’m really more of an aged Romano fan. One has to measure the stuff out and use it with homemade pasta, etc., cut it accordingly. Every time I see someone sadly attempting to eat it straight off the wedge I want to call an intervention on them, get them into treatment as soon as possible. There’s just so much more to live for, like glasses of Zinfandel and a bowls of fresh steamed broccoli!

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