Technical Difficulties

I had something to post, and even photgraphed it, but then my computer went wonky last night so I have nothing.

If you’re interested in artworld gossip, though, this screen shot on my flickr received unexpected attention last week. Tyler Green took issue with something Jerry Saltz wrote (honestly it wasn’t even something worth taking exception to), and Saltz responded with a blistering Facebook post. He took it down an hour later but I had saved it because Green had been blocked from viewing it and wanted to see it. Then it got linked to art blogs. It’s not that exciting, but it’s there.

Also, This morning I posted a series of thoughts about Roland Barthe’s “Death of the Author” essay and where it stands today. That’s a forum I set up for something else that only I use. I like it that way because it means less audience around to kill me.


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