I’m A Little Stuck

And I mean that literally, stuck between here and there thanks to some weather issues, so until I can get there I am going to post this link that I posted around a few places last night. Described as, “A list of the Best Painters of all-time in Western Painting, the 101 most important painters of the history of western painting, from 13th century to 21st century”, let’s just say it generated a lot of conversation. We all had a lot of opinions about who was on there that shouldn’t be, who was left off, and if these lists are just a complete bunch of horseshit. Feel free to weigh in.


One Response to “I’m A Little Stuck”

  1. Okay, so I like those artists, but only TWO women. I felt like I did when I was in art history back in the day, where are the women! grrrr

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