Getting this image has been a challenge. Ideally, I’d restretch it and photograph it in better conditions.

The intent of this piece is a bit of a pun. I’ve been thinking about the difference between ‘pure formalism” v. “Conceptual art,” for instance. These have been topics on twitter lately, and while I have a lot to say this is an early stab at it in the form of what I’m jokingly calling ‘Conceptual Formalism.” The “Spheres” in the title are actually the formula to determine the volume of a sphere (4/3 pi r^30) visible, but not overpowering on the face of the quilt. Spheres are one of the fundamental ‘forms” you must know if you are going to represent things in 3 dimnsions. As a result, you have the formal object being represented by one of it’s definitions, a la Joseph Kosuth. yadda yadda, it’s mainly a pun.

“Spheres” 26″ x 40″, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas, Quilted. (I may restretch this to 24″ x 40″)

The process of photographing has been problematic. I didn’t properly fit the frame, meaning I had to split open part of it, where I’ll tighten it up again later. The piece is busy enough. It didn’t need more ripples and lighting problems. The result of all this is I’m not too happy with what you see, though the quilt itself is fine by me. Though still busy.

I’m learning the need to really start planning these things ahead of time.

I don’t know if this is far too much or good in part because of that.



2 Responses to “Spheres”

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  2. This is terrific looking.

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