Freshly Painted

I may have finished something. Maybe. It’s not dry though so I can’t show you yet. I’m working on a few paintings that are functioning as sketches to try and find footing in a newish direction. The more I think about it and the longer I work on this new stuff, the more I find direct and not so direct references to the rest of my work. These links are starting to make more sense to me now which makes me feel more confident in what I’m doing. That translates to me feeling more excited about working. I like this part of the process–the part where I’m still figuring out what the big problems I’m setting up for myself are and what possible ways there are to solve them. As fun as this is for me, I realize it’s prolly pretty damn boring for you. Images are generally the most interesting part of a personal art blog. With that in mind, I’m posting a bunch of photos of details of my studio for you to look at. These are things I look at everyday that stay with me because there is something about them I find interesting.

I’ve had the old paint sign above since the mid nineties when I worked in a gem of an old art store that also sold paint and wallpaper. The store was located in a historic old theater building in Western Massachusetts. The art store has since moved and the theater has been restored. It took years for the restoration to gain enough support to get underway. When I worked there, Hilary Clinton came and gave a speech as part of her campaign to preserve America’s historic architectural treasures. I should dig out the funny photo of me and the rest of the staff posing with Hilary. That was a fun day! In person, Hilary was friendly, engaging, very pretty and VERY short. I remember thinking she was a great public speaker–better than her husband.

an eyeball I made

the beginnings of some 3D art

dried acrylic paint
I peel the dried bits out of the containers I mix it in and use it later.

a blank strip of film I tacked to the wall

hornet(?) nests on the awning outside the door

circle sketches on the window sill

a box of sketches in front of the non-functioning radiator

rusty metal and a nail on the window sill

a fagot and a chain

more dried acrylic

an icon that came out of a prison chapel and a proof for an etching I did about 16 years ago

dried paint in a pint glass

OK, that’s it. I’ve got a space heater aimed at the maybe finished sketch/painting. Maybe I’ll post photos of the dried piece soon. Maybe.


2 Responses to “Freshly Painted”

  1. That’s a bunch of interesting photographs there, Ms. G. That first one has a reverberating curtain behind the 3-D things with holes. I now realize it might be a couple years before those flooring nails I sent ya appear in something.

    • hahaha yes! it may take that long but i hope you know they most certainly ARE very much appreciated, Mr K! they’re still in the box you packed them in which is tucked into an empty gallon bucket under the window with the circle sketches. they’re in there with a couple of jars of nails i picked up cheap at a tag sale around the same time. i actually have an idea about what i might like to do with them all slowly forming in the back of my mind. 🙂

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