Will You Build Me A Frankenstein With Your Mind?

C’mon, it’ll be a good creative exercise. Try piecing all these images together and see what you come up with. They’re a bunch of closeup shots of art I’m working on right now.

Well, what kind of monster did you come up with? I’m happy to hear any thoughts on the matter. Any comments are most welcome!


6 Responses to “Will You Build Me A Frankenstein With Your Mind?”

  1. Beautiful! I’m coming up with a crazy coconut coney island cake.

  2. one of Happy Cloud’s monster’s idea of a “Real Doll.”

    • LEWDNESS!!! But considering photo number four, I can see where you’re coming from. Maybe I could improve my stitching and cater to the seedier side of the monster market–Frankensexster!

  3. Okay…first…my mind, or my cranium where all the mental activity usually occurs is…hampered today…with a long-term headache, semi-difuse pressure…so…

    …how about resetting where the Mary Shelly story happened. Put it in northern Mexico where Doctor Vitorio Fransteno also studies Peyote. After re-assembeling tissues from stem cells he initiates the monster’s consciousness with Peyote ingestion…

    okay…time to lie down again.

  4. the fish died as the penis emoted from its mouth, from the inside. Her fluid were drawn in from the predicted blue-white hole. The tangenital spot glowed when pressure was applied. And it erupted, the blue seminal fluid caress hungering for others, disgust to some. But what she was what completely alien, yes stirring of lust. God, the end was an eternal singluarity of the width of my knob drawing from her grasp

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