Sometimes I take the Long Route

I forgot it was Tuesday for a second. I’m trying to make it through this wee without caffeine. Please bear with me.

These aren’t all that to look at on the screen. I apologize for that. Sincerely. They look alright in person though. Good enough to tear up for use in something else anyways.

They are patterns that have been “drawn” with thread and a sewing machine.

Sewn Drawings031

The funny thing about these is they took far longer to make than is even remotely reasonable. The one below took 6-7 hours of work and they aren’t even that big.

Sewn Drawings030

This is one of the interesting parts of the type of work I do. There will be some initial thought, then I’ll set myself on some long, repetitive process that requires little thought. During that process, I’ll then think idly about other stuff.

Sewn Drawings032

Now I’m trying to flip that process a bit by taking on more complicated representations. So, though, far I’ve spent most of my time ironing fabric.



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