Aesthetic Limbo

I’m continuing with the deconstruction and reconstruction of antique allegorical paintings. This was initially influenced by Tiepolo’s The Martyrdom of St Bartholomew. I’m concerned here with the relationship of process and the subconscious; finding the ambiguous spaces between the concrete and the obscure. At this stage it simply looks like a semi cubist painting, so I’m unsure of my feelings about it.
The support for this painting is a ready-made cradled hardboard with a texture I’m not entirely happy with. The acrylic gessoed, evenly patterned surface seems to absorb the medium too fast and too much, and the texture isn’t quite responding to the tools I’m using for mark-making. I think I’ll be returning to a little more resistant surface.

Tom Bennett

bartholemew 3-11

Bartholemew 3-11, 2011, oil on panel, 24″ x 18″


2 Responses to “Aesthetic Limbo”

  1. Gorgeous! It has so much energy. I really love this new direction you are exploring because it’s working!

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