Quilt for Grandma

I just realized I need to reshoot this at a better exposure but it’s too late tonight. There’s an uneven shadow over it. Oh well.

Today is my Grandmother’s birthday. My Grandmother is a wonderful woman. My sister runs a blog about her, transcribing the love letters my Grandfather wrote to Grandma. My grandmother herself recently wrote her memories of the day her father was murdered. It’s still a very powerful subject for her.

My grandmother

4 feet x 7 feet

For her birthday, and to practice some of the basics of quilting on a larger scale, I made her this blanket. The other side is a nice green The binding is white, and is hard to see in the photograph. I’m terrified it’s going to fall apart in 3 weeks but it seems pretty sturdy so far, and the binding is still held together with pins

Details after the leap.

Detail 1

Detail 2


I love you, Grandma!


4 Responses to “Quilt for Grandma”

  1. The quilt is lovely, but even more beautiful is your connection to your grandmother. You’re usually so cynical and sarcastic that seeing this sort of sweetness and love from you is proof that your grandma MUST be a really wonderful person indeed.

    Reading her account of that experience was intense. It brought back some powerful memories for me. My dad wasn’t murdered, but his death was sudden and much of what your grandmother describes feels very familiar to me.

    Happy birthday, Margie!

  2. Nice work JD.

  3. I really like your color choices in this one. I’m sure your grandmother will love it.

  4. Wonderful – I especially love the little red hearth-squares in the corners (or am I just projecting that a traditional log-cabin quilt influenced you somewhere over the years?)

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