Hybrid Mini Quilts

These combine fabric, paintings and collage together, which is an important element for me to learn with what I’m intending to do going forward. I don’t care if they’re pretty or not, they’ve already served their purpose

Mini Quilt4

This is a standard, poorly shaped mini quilt, but the center is cut out and replaced with a ring of paper collage on canvas with a ring of painted canvas in the center.

Mini Quil5

This is 2 painted strips sewn together with the center of the above quilt sewn into it’s middle. The quilted part is a full 3 layer quilt. I added the binding just to fit in. Hastily.

Mini Quilt 6

This is the collage on canvas mixed with the ring from the painted canvases, with another quick binding to fit in.



2 Responses to “Hybrid Mini Quilts”

  1. Wow, those’re great! We found you when we did some tag surfing and plan on sharing them on Facebook. It was funny to see yer right over on the other side of the state. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing how far these go (in terms of size and layout). I very much like how on the third piece the tension on the topstitching for the binding is uneven so the dark thread is broken up with dots of the lighter and mimics the two layers of zigzag that surround the middle patch. With the dark floral binding on the second piece it definitely invokes an image of a post-war art therapy project.

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