Message Art

I spent the weekend unmasking several drop cloths I’ve been working on simultaneously, so you my be seeing a theme from me the next few weeks while I take on a bigger project.

This was started around August of last year. It’s both subtle and not.

Give Up 1

“Tip For Artists” After John Baldessari and William Powhida. 27″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas.

On the process, I painted many other paintings on this sheet, using stencils to get the design. The result is determined by what I’m painting for other projects at the time, and the surface is often hidden from me as I work on it (for months), so I’m never sure how it’ll turn out before unmasking it. While it looks somewhat expressionist, it’s kind of something else- part of an overall system where decisions about other things end up determining this (except for the stencilled design, obviously).

Detail shot after the jump:
Give Up 1 Detail



12 Responses to “Message Art”

  1. yours is prolly the most practical advice, Hastings. maybe you should publish a book.

  2. Like the Postal Service album circa 2003? I obviously like word art and I like that the letters are camouflaged a bit. My eye keeps wanting to crop it in to center the words; especially on the bottom. I would definitely consider buying one of these depending on the message it contains.

    • Overall, the edges are kept a bit long in case I want to stretch it, but it’s easier to store like this. I may actually have to add a bit of canvas to the top to stretch it though. Any messages I do like this would all probably be jerkish mean things. It’s who I is!

  3. Good painting. This isn’t at all didactic, therefore I like it.

    Except perhaps your introduction, but that doesn’t count.

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