Commitment and Non-Commitment

Two recent monotypes and a painting. The painting is in a stage of quasi-resolution in a process.

Tom Bennett

Spring 2

Spring 2, 2011, monotype, 16″ x 20″

Spring 1

Spring 1, 2011, monotype, 16″ x20″

Non Committal

Non-Committal, 2011, oil on panel, 18″ x24″


2 Responses to “Commitment and Non-Commitment”

  1. The 1st is my most favorite, it has a good feel to it, nice composition and the texture is lovely. On the 2nd one the sweep of the brush in the hairline is so elegant but I am not fond of the blank belly. The 3rd one has so much energy and movement. Nice work Tom.

  2. Deborah Anne Says:

    Spring 2 is exquisite in color and form. Sping 1 has that terrific wave curling over her silhouette, breaking at midsection. I think “Non Committal” is a knockout….the figure’s pose, the palette, and composition all coming together just right.

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