Jazz Portraits

I forgot to upload the piece I was going to post today, so I’ll put up some random jazz portraits I’ve made in the past. I may have posted some of these before. When in doubt about what subject to represent (when I bother with representation) I tend to drift towards portraits of Jazz musicians because of my passion for their artform. It’s not deep, and often the portraits don’t convey the essence of what I love about their art, but it’s something to use as I explore ways of representing things.

Booker Little
Booker Little, Used masking tape mounted on paper and collaged. 10 x 8

Clifford Brown, Ink on paper 8 x 11

Miles Davis, acrylic on Canvas (made via stencil). ~13″ x 13″

Sarah Vaughan made from raw used masking tape (not mounted to paper then collaged). 24″ x 18″

Charlie Parker, graphite, small

Thelonious Monk (this one’s really old).

I’m currently working on a piece incorporating portraits of Coltrane and Miles in them, so in a way this is still relevant.



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