On The Fence: About Sculpture

Well, it’s the sculpture that’s on the fence. I’m not on the fence about the sculpture. I like it quite alot. I like it so much it’s even on my fence. It’s not my sculpture though, as in, I didn’t make it. The artist is Mark Bodah.
Shown here among various overgrown weeds, this sculpture is made from cheesecloth, wax, sticks and wire. It’s about six feet long and has been hanging on our fence for close to a year. I’m pleasantly surprised by it’s weather resistance. Perhaps a fence made from the same materials is in order. I’m going to give it some serious consideration.
sculpture by mark bodah


6 Responses to “On The Fence: About Sculpture”

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  2. it’s lovely! i like the “whole fence” idea!

  3. YOU are lovely.

  4. I like the blue. I might be drab without the blue. I am working on a fence that IS a sculpture. Hopefully it will be something that one can merely pour concrete into as a mould, but when done looks like woven stone, will have square holes to see through somewhat.

  5. What sort of fence should I get for my toy fox terrier?

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