WIP – My Yard

I’ve been busy busy busy lately. My friend has decided to get rid of one of his houses and invited me to raid it for plants/rocks/supplies and since all those things, especially plants, are expensive I’m going to happily take him up on it. What it means is I spend most days right now loading up The Pig (my Chevette) going over to his house digging up plants and rocks and moving them to my house. Repeat.

So far I’ve moved about 60 plants, and I probably have another 70 or so to go, and since this doesn’t leave a lot of time to cut paper and make collages I am going to label this a design project and post it here. Title – My House, Size – 2.25 acres, Medium – Mixed Media.

This is my little cat house, which I have posted on Twitter before, but it’s had some changes and has now been landscaped with some variegated shrubs and a lot of Hosta, which hopefully the deer won’t eat. I swapped out the previous “deck” for a more natural wood plank. I’m thinking a few more plants and rocks, and maybe a slate walkway leading up to the plank.

This is a piece of woven metal that was gifted to me which I have decided to incorporate as a lattice for some climbing plants and a little Vinca will be coming soon too.

And this is where some new shrubs, Rhododendron and Azaleas were dug in and now I need to make a rock retaining wall along that dark dirt line. Hopefully it will be finished today.


2 Responses to “WIP – My Yard”

  1. Landscaping is in your tuscan blood!

  2. Sara Carlson Says:

    I look forward to seeing more of this as it matures. Love the woven metal trellis.

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