I Can Smell Your Buffalo Wings From Here

This is my stab at making art this week, please note the new surface of choice. I predict that this is the onset of a new trend and soon everyone will be drawing on stryrofoam left over containers, you just wait.

When I’m not busy revolutionizing the world of art trends I’ve been putting together boxes of goodies to send out to some of my friends from my vintage windfall. Fabrics, yarns, sewing supplies, and weird things I can’t identify will soon be hitting the post office and making their way to other parts. The woman I inherited these from was unique and prolific, and I am sure she would be pleased to see these things make their way out of the attic and into the studios of other artists. First I gotta sort it all though.


2 Responses to “I Can Smell Your Buffalo Wings From Here”

  1. markie b Says:

    mmmm, me hungry.

  2. Thomas Carlson Bennett Says:

    I like the wing he’s crushing in his armpit.

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