Quick Painting: Under Water & Short Of Breath

art by Steph Gerolimatos

18 x 9 inches
acrylic, purple flocking fiber, red ballpoint pen and graphite on all-rag board

I did this sketch the other day while the paint on what I really wanted to work on stubbornly refused to dry. And although I was irritated at the time, I really do understand. Extreme humidity can suck the energy to do anything out of anyone… or anything. Hell, I was barely able to muster the energy to breathe that day. Gills might have helped, but wearing mine always reminds me of that awful movie Waterworld so I generally keep them tucked away–out of sight, out of mind. Also, I didn’t manage to stay dry myself so how can I possibly expect more from my art? Right. It makes no sense, any of it. Flocking hell.

dennis hopper in waterworldOK I love ya Mister Eyeballman buh bye!



5 Responses to “Quick Painting: Under Water & Short Of Breath”

  1. J.D. Hastings Says:

    Love it

  2. i really like this sketch.

    but i prefer mad-eye moody over what’s his name there. much more endearing.

  3. I like the sketch. Bubble wrap one of the tools?

    I’m high and dry here. 7,000 feet, 20% humidity unless a storm cruises by. Wish I could put you and Mark up for a two week vaycay. You could hike up several trails up here once you get used to the altitude. No home studio to speak of yet for any artist retreat besides that. I can barely make cabinets in my shop. Too crowded.

  4. Thanks yawwwl! ❤
    No bubble wrap, A–a roll of plastic ribbon full of holes. A vaca with hiking sounds nice. You need to hire Ms. Tiller to help you organize. She's a magical space-making fairy!

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