Grippa Dillas

I made 9 of these simple J Dilla Collages this weekend to help with another project. I made so many in order to ensure that I got 2 that met my needs. I got that, so now I’ll find a way to group the rest and either sell them or give them away. I actually have another 8 drying right now (a byproduct of making these actually). I’m going to be spitting out a lot of different collages like this the next few weeks.

First, a group of 4:

Each Dilla is about 10 x 7. Multimedia.

Close Ups:




These are the best 4 to me, hence including them in a set. After the jump I’ll include the other 4, including the 2 I’ll be using in the future product. I didn’t use the best ones for that product because they’re going to be cut up further so there’s not as much reason to.








2 Responses to “Grippa Dillas”

  1. I really like these. You’ve really mastered using that cutout machine. Each one has a personality running from solid and dense to porous and wispy.

  2. […] making 18 new Volcano collages as source material for the same project I made last week’s J Dilla collages (in addition to the 9 in this post, 9 more were drying as I was prepping these for […]

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