Sunday Sidewalk Doodles: ArtCar VroomVrrroom

In the interest of expanding categories until they become so inclusive as to mean almost nothing, this week’s edition of Sunday Sidewalk Doodles features an artcar I stumbled upon in the Whole Foods parking lot yesterday! The hell’s that got to do with sidewalk doodles you may ask. Welll, the car’s trunk was painted with chalkboard paint and the owner had affixed a container of chalk for anyone so inclined to doodle on the board, and doodle we did! Just a small bit of doodling was done actually. The real point of interest is the car which was decorated in rough glittery pink paint punctuated by puffy, frosting-like script that spelled out sayings like “put peanut butter on your pancreas” and “It’s not who you love but how you love that counts” and “PLUR” and stuff. I suspected the owners might be the handsome stylish young gay couple I noticed in the cheese aisle because of the one’s snappy colorful but understated ensemble complete with stripey socks. And I kinda wanted to wait out in the blazing parking lot to confirm or allay this suspicion, but my chauffeur has even less endurance for such stalker-ish nonsense than I and so the artist/s remain/s a mystery. Now, pics! Enjoy!

Sweet ride, Lezzelz and Byrdie!
-Steph ❤


One Response to “Sunday Sidewalk Doodles: ArtCar VroomVrrroom”

  1. yeeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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