Thanks, Flickr

I uploaded images last night and now that I’m at work, they aren’t there. Fantastic.

Instead of what I had planned I guess I’ll post these drawings I did of a painting I also don’t have a photo of here. Maybe you can guess what it looks like.





I drew these a few years ago when my camera was broken so I couldn’t get real critiques on art online. In response I started to draw the paintings I was making in MS Paint and posting those. The people online got hilariously angry at me for trying this so even after I got a new camera I kept posting things like this instead of the photos. These drawings are of a masking tape paint collage that, as I said, I still haven’t gotten around to photographing.

Now if you pardon me I’m going to swear at my computer some more.



One Response to “Thanks, Flickr”

  1. i thought the MS Paint thing was hilarious even though i really missed seeing the work. also, this post made me chuckle. i think that may be the 1st time i’ve ever used the word chuckle. it’s strange how there are words we read and hear everyday but choose not to use ourselves because they just don’t quite fit our “language aesthetic”. i still remember the 1st time i ever used the word dogeared. it was crazy! no. it was uneventful in every way, except inside i felt a small rush of discomfort, and then i probably said something about it to whoever i was talking to at the time which i think may have been my friend Leo. now this.

    if life is a salad, i’m tired of iceberg lettuce.

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