In Progress

Yesterday JD posted a photo of his ever so slightly messy workspace on his Tumblr feed, a scene I am familiar with from occasional visits.

I’m not even going to try to lie, I looked at that photo and I wanted to fly to Berkeley just so I could clean it all up, and while I was out there I could stop by my friend Andy’s new place and probably clean something there too.  I haven’t been out to visit yet but it is a pretty safe bet that there is something going on because he is the one from this post that was responsible for leaving all of this behind.

That is a lot of stuff.

I have managed to trim it down to this so far.

There are still some things to deal with but I’d say it’s mostly under control.  It took a long time to make decisions about what was interesting usable material, and what was just trash.  After looking at thousands of objects it was hard to maintain perspective so there were a few guidelines –  keep metal, tools, building materials, and wood and get rid of everything else.  What was left over I tried to organize by type, and because everything would all still be out in the open I tried to make it interesting to look at, but with the emphasis on every item still being visible.  If I can’t see supplies I tend to forget I have them.

This is everything round.

And this might appear to be a collection of all of the pipes in my yard, but it’s really a contemporary luxury chipmunk high rise.

With an inverted cone wire atrium, underground transportation system, and a pleasing union of organic and industrial construction this is perfect for the chipmunk with the upwardly mobile lifestyle.  Hurry now!  Units are selling out quick!


3 Responses to “In Progress”

  1. Most of the mess from yesterday is actually easy to clean. All the different crap actually has a place to go, it was just fully unloaded for use. I cleared it pretty quickly last night. The bigger issue is still what to do with bigger things that need a place to go, more like what’s going on in your yard.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      That is exactly what is going on in my yard. I have all of these large pieces, or collections of similar items, but I can’t really put them to use until they have all been sorted and I can see what is what, and then I can start using things to make larger design choices for the space. Sometimes it feels endless, but then I look at pictures like this and feel better.

      Today was especially nice because it was the first time in a really long time that I could walk around out there and not feel crowded or overwhelmed.

  2. […] too much like the junk it was originally culled from. I casually took him on the a tour of the materials hoping he would see things he liked and then left him alone for a bit. He sat and contemplated, […]

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