The Definition of Irony

In the past weeks when I mentioned I was making collages as materials to use in other collages, these are those other collages. Ironically, of the 5 collages used in these, only 2 have been shown on d’Arteboard. All of these are 8.5″ x 11″, mixed media.


Along with the collages, there are also quilts and sewn paintings among the materials that went into these. Those that contain no representation but the formula “A ≠ A” are presented in landscape, while any piece set into a collage with portrait alignment was kept that way so that the intrusion would be more apparent. If it’s still not apparent, though, I’m fine with that.




Now would be a good time to post an artist’s statement for these, but I’m afraid I haven’t written it yet. I may try to write it once I’m better caffeinated, though. I’ll post an update at the top if I do. After the jump, 7 more.










4 Responses to “The Definition of Irony”

  1. scrounger1984 Says:

    What does A “is not equal to” A mean?

  2. “A is not equal to A” is a logical contradiction, the opposite of “A = A” which is a logical truism.

    In literature, “irony” is when a word is used to mean it’s opposite. The simplest form of this would be sarcasm. This definition can be expanded to refer to any time a word is used to represent something other than itself though, such as a metaphor (technically this is known as “figurative language,” of which irony is itself one example). In this sense irony is a critical tool

    So it is on one hand a pure illogical statement, and on the other hand it’s vital artistic tool. The specific intent elaborates on these themes, but I’m still not sure exactly how to phrase it.

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