post irene : pre studio move

well, this past week was full one …the first part spent visiting my new studio (i receive keys sept.1) and chatting with studio mate as to how we were going to build some wall stuff.  the second part of the week i worked for money (thankfully) and the weekend was spent preparing for the storm.  this entailed a day trip to vermont to put stuff in the barn and talking with neighbors up there about the impending potential disaster.  vermont has been hit badly with flooding recently and irene could potentially be disastrous for many folks up there.  mama nature has a mind of her own. * update: vermont was hit hard.  many towns under water lots of devastation and a couple of deaths.  irene took a path unexpected and left destruction in her wake.

i did, however, buy some art supplies to start lino cut printing.  it’s such a basic form of the print, that exploring it is relatively easy.  i’m anticipating having some samples for next weeks post.  for now, here’s a picture of the current state of my desk along with the new supplies. be well


One Response to “post irene : pre studio move”

  1. Best of thoughts to everyone up in Vermont. I know a lot of people that were affected by this storm and I’m sending well wishes to you all. Hopefully the worst of it is over and rebuilding can go forward. Hang tight!

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