Zoo of the Uncanny

So I was walking through the Saint Louis Zoo the other day, and I turned around to witness the strange Arbusian scene of a little girl trying to coax a small flock of exotic birds to be her friend. After taking the picture above, I started to think about how really strange the whole zoo environment is, with all of the animals tidily on display for their (often disgusting) human counterparts to look at, all wild-eyed. The zoo is a fantastically odd place, and I tried to snap a few photos that relayed this feeling that I was having at the time. Enjoy.

All Nikon D50 with Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-x pro lens.


3 Responses to “Zoo of the Uncanny”

  1. Great photos, Jason! I think you did capture that oddness. Zoos really ARE strange. All these pleasing little vignettes complete with live creatures. What the hell are we doing?

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