labored day

this last week has been filled with the tasks of moving into my new studio.   packing, trashing, packing, packing, trashing …. you all know the score.  needless to say, neither art work nor much thinking about art has taken place.  the last thing i produced is the first in what will be a long project … collecting network names and block printing them.  i recently started to block print … another path taken to shake up my art making … and have found it to satisfy a number of creative urges.  i can hand craft something … i can then make reproductions of them … not disimilar to photography in the democracy of multiples … and it’s sorta cheap and doesn’t require much equipment.  the “network project” is really a knock-off of michelle vaughn’s 100 tweets which is a wonderful project mixing the age-old craft of letterpress with contemporary interent activities.  it’s a brilliant project … mine not so brilliant yet, i’m having fun



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