Actual Size (I Think)

During one of the discussions on how best to approach reproducing these for the internet the point was brought up that they look different at their actual size. My thought at the time was to post them larger so they would be more easily seen, but that also magnifies the flaws that aren’t as visible in person. Now I have a 17 inch screen, and I am sure that if yours is bigger, or smaller it might throw this whole idea out of whack, but if that is the case you can just grab your average 2.5 x 3.5 inch baseball trading card and imagine this image over it. They are small.

I like this one by the way, it’s going in the direction I was hoping for more of in my last post. The lines are delicate loops and the gradated pink over the gray adds an uneasiness that reminds me of glare on a photo, but which is really only the color as it is.


3 Responses to “Actual Size (I Think)”

  1. brilliant

  2. laelia e. mitchell Says:

    quite beautiful. i can see how the delicacy of line and color gives depth.

  3. Toni Tiller Says:

    thank you!

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