In the Auerbach of my Mind

Another reworked monotype. I was thinking about Frank Auerbach, the great british figurative expressionist. He’s one of the painters floating in the back of my head; his aggressive paint-slathering is of such a unique character it has hammered itself there into my sub-brain. My application isn’t mimicking his nor is it close, it’s the attitude he has with working and reworking this viscous medium until it practically destroys the surface and has to be scrapped down and rebuilt all over again. I’m having a great deal of fun exploring and tripping along with these old prints I made back at Robert Blackburn’s Printmaking workshop in Manhattan.

A Nod to Frank

A Nod to Frank, 1993-2011, oil paint on monotype on paper, 24″ x18″


2 Responses to “In the Auerbach of my Mind”

  1. I thought you meant Red, and that you were going to say you painted it with a cigar while watching a Celtics game. I kid. It is a bit scary though. I like your little accents of color against the cool background.

  2. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But the other red, Red Holtzman, is who I think about when adding just a wee bit of vermillion. Thank you.

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