Your Spleen Is Vacationing In My Studio, See Look!

Oh to be prolific in an orderly way, as in, to begin and complete specific things within a foreseeable time frame–what I wouldn’t give for that! OK well, as nice as that would be (and when that is my goal I am even capable of doing it), sometimes it’s just nicer to dive in and jump around in the mess without caring so much about presentable finished pieces. And that is precisely what I am in the midst of doing these days. Thus the sporadic bits and pieces views I continue to share here and there, on and off. Today, I give you more bits.

The first image off to the left there is of a sculpture in progress that I have since continued working. It may or may not be done now, decision pending. The photo below here is a closeup shot of another sculpture. This one is finished. I will also include a complete view of it after the break.

So yeah, there you have it–a bit of the mess I am making and will continue to make for a while to come.


3 Responses to “Your Spleen Is Vacationing In My Studio, See Look!”

  1. “Can Steph have your liver, then?”

  2. I’m glad Mark commented, so that we know that he’s still safe.

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