Slow Rowing & No [n] Sense

Here’s another closeup shot of a work in progress. It looks like ice cream, doesn’t it? Well, it ain’t so don’t eat it. God I’m tired! And I have very little to say. And I am in need of a shower. And I apologize to you as well as to myself for beginning these sentences with the word and. It’s just not proper.

Let’s see if this post is salvageable. We could spend some time talking about the relevance of the ice cream resemblance. OK. Well, I’ve spent a good long time looking at images of food to fuel my brain for this series. What else can I say about that? Oh, things and stuff I’m sure, but what’s the point really? The point is just one of many that I have no energy to make.

And so, (there I go again with the and) I will, instead, leave you with a favorite old video of mine. Who wants to steal an ice cream truck and drive off into the desert with me to make out? I have buckets of paint and if you’re half as cute as James Iha in a dress I’ll let you play with my gun.



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