still in the moving stages

yes.  it’s a lot more energy consuming than i thought.  while i’ve been going to my new studio digs, getting in a groove is proving to be a wee bit tricky.  not that i’d imagined it to be a seamlessly scripted tv show kinda event.  y’know what i mean … show opens, something happens and by the 22nd minute (excluding commercial breaks) everything is resolved and folks live happily ever after.  not so fast little girl….

what i have been consistiently doing is taking pictures with my phone, then over-proceesing the shit out of them and having some fun.  it’s my one consistent attempt at staying in the game.  the camera phone has proven to be a worthy sketching device.  a handy tool to use when all you wanna do is keep your head in your art.  i’ve even found a few worthy of printing and sharing.

so, let me start again…  good day fair folk.  here are some pics i made while waiting for the other artist side of me to get her studio shit together .


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