Purgatory Can be a Happy Medium

This was an very old, unresolved monotype I’m painting back into and as it’s developed, I realized that a bit of my father’s design sensibility had creeped in; the Dante series to be specific. I’m not quite sure about the lower portion with abstracted stalagmite ink streaks. I wanted to have an area to strike a tense balance down there. What do you think?

A Bow to Purgatory
A Bow to Purgatory, oil over monotype on Rives BFK paper, 24″ x 18″


Below is a painting on monotype from last week.

The Queen in the Afternoon

The queen in the Afternoon, oil on monotype on paper, 20″ x 16″


5 Responses to “Purgatory Can be a Happy Medium”

  1. Effective, but not against the black D’arteboard background.

  2. i love The queen in the Afternoon. A Bow to Purgatory doesn’t show me that bennetT magic i see in virtually every other piece i’ve ever seen. i think the solid background may have something to do with it and i agree about the bottom, i’m not digging it. also, i can’t see all the luscious details in the complete image so there’s that. i guess it has more to do with not seeing the magic than the lack of the magic. i completely disagree with the comment on the facebook link. the close up has the goods. i’d love to see a close up of the far left, what looks like an arm with a green stroke on it. do you ever show out of your general area? i’m friends with the curator/director of the uab university gallery. i’d love to try and set something up (for selfish reasons…i just want to see the work in person) i’m not sure how it all works but i’m pretty sure they include shipping in the budget for shows.

  3. Thanks, David. I appreciate the feedback. This photo is not good at all now that i’m reviewing it. The colors are washed out and its blurry. I’ll post some more details when i reshoot this later. As to UAB, I’m always open to exploring exhibition venues ; I show all over the country when it makes sense. Lets talk about this some more; maybe you can be the go between and we can work out an art for a finder’s fee. Or a pimp fee, as my great grandpa use to call it.

  4. cool, i’ll make an inquiry about the gallery. it’s possible they may be booked for the next year or so. operation bats in bham a go. a pimps love is very different from that of a square….love david.

    btw when i said far left i meant far right

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